Little Dog and the Humans Return!

I am SOOOOO happy!  The Man and Lady Humans came to visit me again in Pawttawa!  They even brought little dog with them.  Oh joy oh joy oh joy.

She showed me all of the parks of London, so I showed little dog some of my favourite walks too.

I showed little dog my favourite walking paths. I still have my law stick and big big stick from London so we took it for a walk too.
Dad-boo is great at getting these motion blur photos

Lady human is much better at those walking shots.  Dad-boo has to work on his technique.

Like good friends, we got right back to our normal routine.

Little dog missed cleaning out all of my kongs from the morsels of PB i left behind
This is how I ask my mom-boo and dad-boo for foods. Little dog picked right up on the skills

Mom-boo was very happy to have another doggie in the house, so we posed for some family photos.

Family Photo (not at all forced)
Even more forced family photo
I think this is my good side (photofail)

Little dog and I also went back to sharing our favourite beds.

Sally makes sure she sleeps on my bed, because it fits just right
And this bed fits me just right too
This is my aerodynamic sleeping pose

I took little dog to my favourite park, Bruce Pit.  There are so many dogs, and so much pee-mail it’s hard to keep track of.

I also introduced Little Dog to my favourite Golden Girlfriend; Abbey


This is our best family photo. Way to show off your tail, Little Dog.
What a lovely day for a walk in the sun.

Can’t wait to have Little dog and the humans come to visit again when the big white cold stuff falls.

Discovering Pawttawa Again

Oh Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, it’s been super exciting and busy the last few weeks.  My HUMANS RETURNED.

I had no idea they still existed; but lady human kept talking about the last this and last that’s, now I know what she meant.

After I met my humans again, they took me in the car for the longest drive I’ve had in a year.  I was a little sad to say goodbye to little dog, but I think we’ll meet again.  She’s my sister from another mister!

But every vacation has to end.  I was so excited to be home; when we drove into the driveway, I raced out and around the house so fast to sniff all the sniffs as fast as I can.  You wouldn’t believe how many sniffs there can be in a year.  I spent the first week sniffing all the new sniffs, and catching up on a year’s worth of pee mail.

Man human let me bring two sticks, the big big stick and the law stick home with me.  It’s a good thing too, as I’m known around here as the dog with the stick; so I get extra pets when people recognize me.

Ok, so Dad-boo needs to learn how to take a good Diggy walk photo like Lady human do


Getting better…. .but you’re a slow learner
Sure, we’ll claim that’s an artistic motion blur you were trying for
Here is an Autumn stick walking with Bobb and Kelly. We’ve had lots of visitors since getting back. I think everyone missed me and wants to see me again.
Camo-Diggy. My furs are perfect for hiding in the leaves.

It’s nice to be home.  My mom-boo and dad-boo say I’ve remembered all my tricks, and are great at remembering to give me sweet potatoes every time I do a trick.  I’ve also met two micro-humans, who did not exist when I left Pawttawa.  I love micro-humans, as you may remember from my visit with Charlie.

Dad-boo and Mom-boo have been moving lots of things around the house; I think my sleep schedule is going to be interrupted for the next few days.

A few weeks ago, the Lady human and Man human brought little dog to my Pawttawa home.  I was so excited to see them!

Warning: Adjust volume DOWN before pressing play

I will update with some more photos soon.  It’s nice to be home again.



50,000 Words

The humans say a picture is worth 1,000 words. I say, pictures with me in them are worth 10,000 words because ya know, I am that awesome.

I think I am somewhat happy in this photo.
My tongue cannot possibly stretch any further.
Even Sally got in on the love-in. Hi paws to Justin for being awesome and accepting all of her licks and love.
After dinner, I found the best spots for snuggles and naps. For a little bit, I cuddled up with my favourite redhead.
And then, of course, with my favourite mama 🙂

Final Sunday: A Visit to Wortley and Thames Park

Today was a very busy day. We started out with a run to our favourite Dunkirk Place Park, and then after lunch, headed out to meet Tamara and Holly in Wortley Village!

So very very happy.
Oh hey there! Holly is in this picture, so it stays. Tamara gives the best pets.
Throwing myself in the direction of the best pets.
Tamara was giving a treat to Holly so I made sure to have my face as close to her hand as possible.
Um, herrrrloooo? I would like some treats please! Oh, ok, I will settle for more pets!
Seated pets with my favourite red head.
Sally getting ready for when the coffee stuffs were to arrive.
I cleverly recharged my batteries while the humans had their java.
After coffee, we headed out for a big group walk. Sally and Holly both like to be leaders, so I held up the back.
A perfect family photo at a new-to-me park: Thames Park!
There was a beautiful breeze down by the Thames River.
The occasional duck or squirrel caught my eye.
These guys had BALLS! Tennis balls!
Sally and Holly loved the long grasses; I prefered the paved path.
Holly got burrs in her furrs from walking in the long grasses and needed some treat-therapy before she let Tamara remove them. Here Sally and I do our best to assist in the treat-therapy.
Trolling down the paved path now.
One last great posed photo with the lady human.

After an exciting day exploring, we came home and had supper and then Sally enjoyed the remnants of my dinner kong one last time. Well, maybe second last, because she’ll probably do it tomorrow night too before I go home Tuesday morning.

Peanut butter hath brought us together.
Nothing like snacking on something as big as your head.
Und now I will stare at the humans until they stop moving so I can go to sleep.
Und now I will stare at the humans until they stop moving so I can go to sleep.

Pluto (and Family) Returns!

Sally’s cousin Pluto and his owners, Zac and Vanessa, came to visit this weekend. While the humans told me it was because they were watching an event nearby, I know it’s just because they needed to say goodbye and give me more pets!

Getting into the best possible pet position with Zac.
Sally enjoyed the opportunity to nom on my toys in demonic peace.
Pluto wasn’t very interested in bum sniffs or playing and spent a lot of time looking at the door. I think I am just too full of all the energies for him.
The best shot the humans got of me with Pluto in the background. What can I say, I like to Move It Move It!

Today will, weather-permitting, be my final play date with Holly and Tamara at least for some time.

A Couple of Lasts

Today was my last solo-after-work-walk with the lady human. I even got to take out the Big Big stick for a tour of the neighbourhood.

Proudly carrying my stick on a snifftastic post-garbage day walk.
Holding it curved side up, so it makes it look like I’m smiling 🙂

After dinner, the humans had to go to campus to return some library books, so I got some last shots on campus.

My faithful companion Sally checking out the UCC.
Looking back to where the Law Stick came from.
Sticking my tongue out at Weldon Library.

This next building is where the lady human works. Silly her didn’t even think to make me a student card this year. She’s probably printed like 3000 of them and not one has my picture on it!

Sir Chef Doctor Digby Comma PhD (Patron Saint of Lost Dogs) would *totally* fit on a student card. Yep yep!

After a short and cool drive, the lady human gave me pets for not trying to eat this glittery pumpkin on the coffee table.

Copious pets are better than the herpes of craft supplies anyways.

Thursday Round Up

I lurv the outside. I really really do. And when it is not 40 degrees outside? Oh boy. That is the absolute best.

My favourite part of the day is when the lady human comes home from work, grabs a ball, and then takes me into the back yard to play fetch until her arm gets tired. Well I guess that is like the 5th best time of the day. The other 4 times are when-I-get-the-food times.

This is the face of pure retriever joy.

This week the lady was tidying some of the back gardens for fall, and picked a “squash” that was ready. I’m not sure why she keeps calling it a “squash” when clearly it is just some misshapen but still edible tennis ball!

Squash, meet my mouth. Mouth, meet Squash.

The lady human is always quick to trade pets for these things that look like balls, but have names other than “ball” so don’t worry mama & papa; no squash was sampled in the taking of these photos.

Tonight I was acting all cute, waiting for my dinner Kong (food time 4.0):

“Helllllllllo? Did you forget it is one minute past my scheduled feeding time?”
Blurry, but still cute. Gosh I don’t know how she can resist all the cuteness.

After supper and my neighbourhood watch patrol walk, I comforted the lady human who is likely coming down with a cold, by sticking right by her side and making it pretty much impossible to get off of the couch.

“It’s time for sleepy times, lady human.”

Important News!

In important news: my mom and dad are home! They arrived back in Canada today and we will meet up here at my vacation home in six more human sleeps (or about 250 Digby sleeps). Here is a greeting video for my ma and pa!

Tonight, to celebrate, the lady human took us to a new park for walks and sniffs!

The moment the lady human announced we were going for a ride in the car! Aiyeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Obligatory photo with the Berkshire Park sign.
Doing what I do best while scoping out the park.

In terms of a recap from the weekend,

The lady human decorated the front porch for fall! There is my favourite kale, some pumpkins, gourds, mums, and corn to attract squirrels!

In case you don’t recall, last fall I ate all of the lady human’s decorative kale… This year I am only allowed supervisory sniffs and have yet to try any samples.

Showing my good side.

Speaking of trying samples, the humans also did some fall baking this weekend: apple crisp with local apples! Don’t worry mom & dad: I only had a couple of apple peels and none of the sugary stuff.

Here I am right in front of the oven with the apple crisp ready to go in. Standing in front of the oven is the most convenient place for me to be without any doubt!

Well that’s it for an update for now:

Bed time!

Kilally Meadows Park

Today, at a beautiful 18 degrees Celsius, the lady human and little dog and I headed out for a new park in London: Kilally Meadows Park. This park boasts 10km of trails, almost all of which are gravel or dirt paths. It is also the mecca of ragweed and all things that smell awesome.

Obligatory photo with the sign at the entrance to the park.
Leading the way down one of the paths.

We ran about 3km and walked another 2km to complete a large loop. The lady human was talented enough to take a short video so you can see that I really do trott along with her on jogs!

Aside from things to sniff, there are also many things to pee on while have interesting views.

Golf range pee spot.
Side o’ the trail sniff and pee spot.

Mostly though, I did what I’m best at: leading the ladies down the trail.

I am a natural-born leader of the pack.
Stopping for more sniffs and pees. The sun was so warm and perfect!
Running through long wet grasses is one of my favourite things to do.
Excited to approach humans in the distance because they will give me lots of pets!